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Electronic Device & Gift Personalisation

Make that perfect gift even more special, with a personalised message or design.

Make that Gift Extra Special

Electronic gadgets are a modern way to identify taste and demonstrate our individual personalities, but when one manufactured device looks just like any other you may feel that it lacks identity or significance for the occasion!

Baker Street Engravings can help with the personalisation and customisation of almost any electrical device, with almost anything you could imagine.

As once hit flasks and pocket watches were engraved as special gifts, we can help you add something uniquely personal to your device, including

  • iPodPersonal Messages
  • Quotes
  • Motif's
  • Signature's
  • Logo's
  • Full Scale graphical etching and customisation


We can customise virtually any modern electrical device, whether it is made of plastic, wood, precious or semi-precious metal. Examples of devices include

  • iPod's
  • MP3 Players
  • Portable Media Players (PMP's)
  • Portable Digital Assistants (PDA's)
  • Portable Navigation Devices (PND's)
  • Sat Nav
  • Laptop Computers
  • Mobile Phones


Electronic Device Security

It is unfortunate that sometimes others want what you have, and will go to extraordinary and often highly upsetting lengths to get it. Protect your investment with the help of Baker Street Engravings. We offer a security and identification etching service for your electronic devices at very competitive prices.

For more information on our security service, please click here.


Design & Design Assistance

If you are a company looking to brand corporate gifts, or have a design in mind but don't quite know how to express it effectively, we offer a design and design assistance service to help create something truly customised and original for your occasion. Please Contact us via phone, in person or through the Internet to talk through your needs with our expert engravers. Our consultation services are completely free and are no obligation.

If you are unsure of your needs, or have not found specific information on what you require here on the site. Please contact us through the quotes and enquiries page here on the Baker Street Engravings web site, or view our contact information and get in touch directly.

Baker Street Engravings is also one of the UK's leading specialists in the highly detailed and intricate art of photographic etching. Using the latest technologies we are able to take almost any photographic image and convert it picture perfectly onto precious or polished metals, glass or crystal; creating stunning, highly memorable, highly personal effects.
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