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Engraving Services

Baker Street Engravings offers a wide range of services to both private and commercial clients. When it comes to the art of engraving, no desire is too trivial and no matter what its size, we will work with you so that the finished result is everything you hoped for; and more!

Everything that we produce is made to order, so it is difficult to provide specific pricing information. If you would like a quote tailored to your needs or would like to discuss you needs in a more personal setting then please contact us.

Our expertise in offering personalisation solutions based upon choosing the right design and right materials is well known, but in an area where there can be no second chances it is important that our customers feel confident that they are getting the right service. Our long reputation for producing quality works in providing etching and engraving services to the UK and Ireland stretches back over 30 years.

Baker Street Engravings has an extensive and prestigious authorised on-line client’s portfolio highlighting the strong relationship we have with our clients and symbolising the unique trust and responsibility with which the engraver must approach his art.

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Materials & Services

We offer a broad range of engraving, embossing and etching services on a wide and expansive range of products and materials. Our services range from sheet metal to personal items such as awards and trophies, through to the most sentimental, delicate items of jewellery.

Choosing the right materials is an important element in achieving the correct look and finish to any project. Baker Street Engravings can help you to get the most out of your personalisation needs and budget by drawing upon our long experience in delivering quality results; bringing artistic flair to any project.

Our expert craftsmen will be able to advise you as to the best way to carry out your personalisation request; some of the specialist services we offer are:

  • Hand Crafted Engraving
  • Manual Sandblasting
  • Computerised Laser Engraving
  • Computerised Etching
  • Chemical Etching
  • Photographic Etching
  • Braille Engraving
  • Reverse Engraving

If you are unsure of your needs, or have not found specific information on what you require here on the site. Please contact us through the quotes and enquiries page here on the Baker Street Engravings web site, or view our contact information and get in touch directly.

We strive to provide a high quality, open and deeply personal service from which you, your company or clients will receive the services of our highly skilled master engravers at an affordable, competitive price.
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