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Glass & Crystal

The Beauty of Glass Crafting

Some of the most delicate and fragile services we offer are in the specialist field of Glass and Crystal sculpting.

Photographic Etching

Photo Etching ProcessBaker Street Engravings is one of only a number of specialists in Photographic etching onto Glass, providing the copying of photographic images onto many types of glass surface; for more information on Photographic etching.

Photographic etching produces vivid and true interpretations of almost any photograph you can provide, providing a spectacular, beautiful and absolutely unique way to display a memory for eternity.

If you would like more information on photographic etching, please contact us through our web based contact form and we will get back to you to discuss your needs.


Contemporary Glass Engraving

Individual needs for the engraving of glass and crystal can differ greatly. From the standard to the creative and the exquisite, there is no standard template of what can or cannot be engraved. If you have a specific glass or crystal project and would like to discuss how it can be achieved, please contact us online or through traditional mediums.

Some of the more commonly requested glass items we work with are listed below; however the list is by no means exclusive.

  • Awards & Trophies
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Functional Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Retirement gifts
  • Signage

Examples of our glass and crystal engraving can be found in the photo gallery.


Design & Design Assistance

Some of the most common glass items we work with are trophies and awards. If you know the occasion, but aren't sure how to interpret what you need into a design for your item, we offer a design and design assistance service to help create something truly customised and original for your occasion.

If you are unsure of your needs, or have not found specific information on what you require here on the site. Please contact us through the quotes and enquiries page here on the Baker Street Engravings web site, or view our contact information and get in touch directly.

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At Baker Street Engravings we combine the traditional craftsman skills of etching and engraving with the latest enhancements in modern cutting and crafting technologies.

Our expertise and experience and in the field places us in the position to best advise you or your organisation in how we can achieve the required artistic effect no matter what the project.
We can take both digital and physical designs and turn them into exquisite and intricate works that will last a lifetime.

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